Corporate and Contract

We advise our corporate clients in all matters relating to business transactions, investments and other economic activities, both domestically and internationally. We draft agreements and documents, assist our clients to resolve legal problems by negotiating or conciliating, and if needed, by settling unresolved legal problems before courts and tribunals in Finland and abroad.

Contract Law

Contract practise

Contract drafting and contractual counsselling are the core of our activities. We draft e.g. the following contracts and agreements to our clients:

  • shareholders agreements
  • finance agreements
  • employment agreements
  • management agreements
  • confidentiality agreements and -clauses
  • non-competition agreements and -clauses
  • agency and distribution agreements
  • franchising agreements
  • licence agreements
  • co-operation agreements
  • joint venture agreements
  • agreements relating to mergers and acquisitions
  • share purchase agreements
  • trade agreements
  • planning and consultation agreements
  • construction agreements
  • rental agreements
  • other service agreements
  • conciliation contracts

Company Law

Our corporate law practice is typically the area in which we provide to both domestic and especially to international clients a wide range of professional services including e.g. the following types of legal assignments:

  • foreign investments
  • establishment of the companies in Finland and abroad
  • drafting and amending of the companies documentation (articles of association, shareholders agreement etc.)
  • assisting in legal aspects of board meetings and general meetings of the shareholders
  • employment issues
  • administrative issues
  • share capital alterations (increase/decrease of the share capital)
  • financing
  • liability matters
  • redemption matters
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • insolvency (reorganisation proceedings, liquidation, bankruptcy)
  • collection of debts
  • company taxation (in co-operation with independent financial advisors)

Intellectual Property

The questions asked from us by our clients have been more and more related to intellectual property. The importance of these immaterial property rights in tomorrow’s world has been recognized by the founding members of the Firm for years ago and we have been providing from the beginning various legal services relating to registering, use, transfer, license, and protect of intellectual property rights (IPR) such as copyright, trade mark and trade names. The following types of assignments are typically such our expertise has been designed for:

  • IPR registration procedures
  • IPR infringements and litigation
  • protection of business secrets etc. concealment
  • improper conduct of business, unfair trading etc.
  • license agreements, trade agreements


Contractual and non-contractual liability issues are one of the main areas of our practice.

Dispute Resolution

Commercial and other litigation has been and shall continue to be also in the future one of our main practice areas. The strong participation in litigation procedures and experience gained thereof enables us to instruct our clients in best possible way in various commercial transactions.

International Trade

We are able to assist international and multinational companies and corporations regardless of their size in all aspects of international trade of various commodities.

In this area our practice covers e.g. the following aspects of international trade:

  • Drafting international agreements (distribution, purchase, sale, licence, agency, franchising)
  • Establishment of companies and other legal entities in all jurisdictions
  • Legal research services concerning all jurisdictions
  • Finance
  • Transport (Maritime, Aviation, Road)
  • Settlement of disputes
  • Arbitration and Litigation